Do you realize that 40% of our daily routine is controlled by habitual behavior?? Safe to say healthy habits are key for optimal living!! Focusing on Good habits create a lifestyle change necessary to do the things that you want to do in this world. Wellness Isn't about affecting dramatic lifestyle changes, its about keeping what works and getting rid of what doesn't so that you can be holistically whole. As a coach, I help my clients learn how to practice self care on the path to personal and professional success.

There are 3 Main types of habits you need to develop to consistently win at life. Physical Habits, Mental Habits and Productive Habits.

Here at JaviWellness we are committed to helping Women develop these habits to attract wealth and optimal wellness while we HEAL. Healing in the best way incorporates physical , mental, emotional and spiritual healing. Dawn’s plan to help guide you on a journey to get to know yourself better than ever before!

It’s Time to Live Your Best Life….. Holistically Whole

Dawn aka Javi is a 36 year old wife and homeschooling, hippie mama of 4.

A little about Dawn’s medical history:

At the age of 10, Dawn was diagnosed with Syncope, then around 13, Dawn was diagnosed with depression & anxiety. By the time she was 18, PTSD. All of this lead up to About 10 years ago, when Dawn was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. With this diagnosis came many struggles and many medications.

Then in 2011, her husband suffered a stroke/brain aneurysm.

Dawn finally decided to begin to shift the habits for herself, her spouse and her children so that they could live longer, healthier lives. In the past several years, Dawn has been able to stop taking prescribed medication as well as help her husband, and help her parents implement lifestyle changes and habits to also help decrease doses and even in some cases, replace medications prescribed. Dawn has since decided to study and earn a certificate in Yoga and Meditation (including Yin, Ayurveda and Pain Management), Essential Oils and Plant Based Remedies, EFT and Mindfulness and became a master herbalist so that she could help others.

Holistic Health is her thing and Javi Wellness was born out of Dawn’s desire to help others live a healthy, holistic life! Now, in the fact that Dawn is a passionate Motivational Speaker and Transformational Life Coach and REAL Holistic healing can occur! Are you ready to meet Dawn on the Mat?